2009 GM Hummer H3

2009 GM Hummer H3

I am constantly being asked why I do not have a boyfriend. This is and has always been a very simple answer of not finding the right fit as of yet…until now. I have to say that I have just been personally introduced to Mr. Hummer H3, yes, you heard it right.
I have always been extremely honest of the love that I have for my Jeeps but I am sorta speechless that another man has more than captured my attention. I just hope that my Jeeps do not find out that my heart has shifted in a Hummer direction!

As I write car reviews I typically talk about the features, options and how well a certain car will serve a particular individual but not this time, I am in the process of trying to find money in my bank account and space in my garage for my new love.

The multiple award winner turns on a dime which took me by surprise, impressive gas mileage for the amount of horsepower, loaded with more features than one could wish for including Bluetooth, XM Satellite Radio, OnStar, tire sensors, rear vision camera system, no talking back, smiles at you when you are approaching its shiny exterior, makes a unique fashion statement, you can dress him up or down, a blast to drive, equipped with the unbelievable 5 year/100,000 mile General Motors factory warranty, has a cushiony ride as sweet as a luxury car.

My yellow Labrador Retriever “Rocky” has even given Mr. Hummer H3 2 paws up as he seems to have also found a new love. Rocky tends to be a “hard to please” kinda guy, but he loves all that the Hummer has to offer especially the fact that it has plenty of head room!
My mom even took Mr. Hummer H3 for a spin around town today and now unfortunately for me I will not have a moment of peace until I purchase one for her.

Ladies and gentlemen if you want to end your search for the ultimate ride I would highly suggest you seek out your local General Motors/Hummer dealer and take one of these models for a drive around the block or straight into your garage and life!

Mr. Hummer H3 with multiple 5 star safety ratings was not at all what I was expecting as I absolutely love to be pleasantly surprised!
I must however face reality that General Motors will be picking up their Mr. Hummer H3 this next week…oh what a sad day that will be for me.

Barbara Terry
November 14th 2008

2009 Pontiac Vibe GT

2009 Pontiac Vibe GT

In this day and time it seems to me that the majority of our driving experience is cruising down the freeway in an automatic. When I was in high school we all had stick shifts and then on occasion had to learn how to replace our clutch as a result of letting some of our friends grind up the clutch by not knowing how to drive a stick.
Recently I had the pleasure of driving the latest 2009 Pontiac Vibe GT 5 speed and had an absolute blast! With the 2.4 liter engine I had no problem keeping up with the other 4, 6 and 8 bangers on the freeway.
The Pontiac Vibe GT is equipped with a standard options list that is about a mile long. To list just a few…XM Satellite radio, all power, remote entry, 18 inch rims and OnStar.
The Pontiac Vibe GT would without any doubt be my choice if I were shopping for a loaded-up sport machine for under $20,000.00.
A few other marvy things to bring to your attention would be that this fun driving machine gets between the low to high 20’s in gas mileage so your bank account will love you for this, a plethora of air bags and multiple 5 star safety ratings in order to keep you and your family as safe as possible and the amazing General Motors 5 year/100,000 mile factory warranty.
I must say to all of the Vibe’s competitors “bring it on” as you will not compare and never keep up with one heck of a Vibe!

Barbara Terry
November 8th 2008


Goodyear Blimp Ride.

I can say that there are not a lot of things in life that totally excite me but after going sky high in the Goodyear blimp I now have a new fascination.
I was in LA this past week on a Goodyear appearance and was pleasantly surprised by one of the awesome Goodyear folks "Chet Warwick" with a Blimp ride. However...the story does not end here.
After being sky high for about 10 minutes the Goodyear Blimp Pilot "Jon Conrad" looked at me as I sat in the copilot seat and told me to switch seats with him.
He then began Blimp flight instruction school and as I took the drivers seat it did not surprise me that I had all of my passengers biting their nails!
I now know without any doubt that I am more talented flying through the desert in my high-speed Off Road Racing buggy then I do at the "wheel" of a blimp.
We did make it back to civilization safely and what a life experience that was!
Thanks to all of the awesome Goodyear folks that made this happen!


September 9 2008

I know that it has been a while since my last journal entry so I want to catch everyone up on a few things going on in my life!
I have been extremely busy working on my coffee table book that is featuring 40 Pro Athletes chatting all about what cars that they chose to buy and drive. My plans are to have all 40 interviews and photo sessions with these awesome athletes complete by February 2009 so that the book can be in stores by Christmas 2009!
I have also been busy planning my Baja 1000 race that takes place the third week of November and of course in the midst of planning the buggies recon top to bottom so that it can make its way the whole 1000 miles of rugged desert terrain.
It is always exhilarating when football season kicks off and exciting to know that my Cowboys will kick
*%&*# this season!
I have a few new projects on the horizon so stay tuned.


A True Gem!

Moving to a new area can at times be a tad-bit difficult by having to find new restaurants, location of the closest Starbucks and of course Doctors. I recently moved to the Charlotte area and had to tackle finding all new people but was pleasantly surprised when I walked into "The Skin Center of North Carolina" for my eye exam and met Dr. Briggs Cook!

Not only does he have the best "chair" side manner but he has about the best personality that I have ever encountered in a Doctor. I was also impressed that he has other talents including being the best in town of performing a variety of facial plastic surgery procedures. When you do get that rare chance to meet that true gem in life you just know it!


July 7th 2008

I can say that every bit of my spare time this past month after I wrapped up with the Baja 500 2008 I have totally engulfed myself in all things to do with my future Off Road Races!
I should be finished with my Off Road Racing Sponsorship Proposal for the 2009 season by the first week of August then it will be sent out to a ton of companies in order to determine who will be on my Off Road Racing buggy and additional Race vehicles for all of the Off Road Races that I am participating in 2009.

I am also working on a TV concept that will feature all of my races in a unique Television format.
But before any of this 2009 stuff happens I am so excited to say that NAPA Filters will be all over my buggy for the Baja 1000 race this November and am currently negotiating with all of my Baja 500 Sponsors… Shell, Goodyear, Pennzoil and GPS Protected to see what part they will have in my Baja 1000 race.

After an awesome meeting with the folks over at Speed this past week I am revved-up to say that I will continue to keep my page “Barbara’s Blog” on the SPEEDtv.com site and I will also showcase all of my Off Road Races on the page via video blogs, tracking of my buggy while it rolls down the race course and exciting Barbara Terry Racing content. I will also bring you special interviews of my chit-chatting with celebs that I have hand picked to basically talks cars bumper to bumper about twice a month.

On a personal note: It was nice this past July 4th weekend to have mom over for dinner, cheer on my favorite NASCAR drivers as they tackled at Daytona and watch the fireworks explode over Lake Wylie which has an indescribable ambiance about it.
Rocky however just could not woof-down his steak fast enough then had to give me the booboo eyes until he of course got his belly rubbed…oh to be Rocky Terry…what a life!

Stay tuned!


My wonderful web site team.

I am constantly getting asked who does the awesome job on my web site design. It is actually a power team made up of Nolana Bibbs and Katie Hewitt. Everyone that I have referred to them for web work is more than thrilled. Check them out at: govisions.com!


June 8th 2008...Post Baja 500 2008

What a ride the last 3 weeks has been. I do have to say I am sorta sad that the BAJA 500 2008 race is now over and behind me.
3 weeks ago I started out doing media interviews in LA and San Diego then made it down to BAJA for the race and this past week spent a lot of time with my film crew ‘Catherine Harrell and Adrienne Brawley” editing all of the awesome footage they filmed of my team and our superb NAPA Filters #1209 buggy.
I must say for about the 100th time that I have the best crew in the industry…okay, I may be a little partial but for a rookie team to get as far down the course as we did with our sorta primitive buggy machine speaks a million words on its own.
I could never say enough about my crews drive and determination, the support of my sponsors and the new found love I have with my buggy.
We have already been in discussions regarding what prep work will be necessary for us to participate and kick butt in the BAJA 1000 but I am also going to explore getting us into the Primm 300 race that falls in September.
I hope everyone has enjoyed the page on SPEEDtv.com with the written content, photos, GPS tracking and video blogs.
Speaking for my team and I… we had a blast keeping everyone up to date on our whereabouts and progress.
I want to humongously thank all of my sponsors for making Barbara Terry Racing possible. NAPA Filters, Goodyear Tires, Shell, Pennzoil and GPS Protected. I also want to say special thanks to all of the wonderful people at SPEED for all of their enthusiasm and support of Barbara Terry Racing.
Photo by Adrienne Brawley


May 29th...Baja 500 less than 3 days away!

Wow what a crazed day this has been. I got up with the roosters and headed for my daily fix of an 8 pump iced chai at Starbucks. I then headed out on errands to gather additional parts and supplies. My first stop took me to PCI Race Radios where I met the lovely people over there while getting fitted for my new helmet. Woo hoo!
After that I made my way to McKenzie’s for a last minute stop that included a new seat belt then it was off to go grab a set of spanking brand new rims. DJ quickly mounted my Goodyear Tires onto them, then slapped them on the buggy and oh how sweet they look!
Ian pulled in today and immediately started doing what he does best… electronics!
We shot the intro bumper to all of the Baja 500 webisodes that we will be turning into SPEEDtv.com starting Friday and then shot our 2nd video blog.
Adrienne and Catherine are great to work with and it is always fun to put together a team and see the excitement that everyone gets in their eyes.
I think the guys will be pulling another all nighter working on the buggy so that we will be able to head south to Ensenada tomorrow.
Gonna go hop on the treadmill, do a little laundry and hit the hay.
I really miss my Rocky…I absolutely cannot wait to see him, rub his belly and take him for a ride in my Jeep…Woof…Smiles!

Baja Buggy update.

Blog…May 28th!
We shot and edited our first of many daily video blogs and got it over to speedtv.com for them to post on their site and they did! I had an idea of how I wanted all of this to come together just about 2 months ago and it is sweet to see things fall into place and make a statement!
The buggy however has kicked my crews butt to a certain extent. I feel so bad that the guys have labored so hard on the buggy in order to get her up to SCORE
Inspection rules and requirements. I do hope that they finish soon not only so we can head south by Thursday but that they can start to enjoy some of this mad process.
Ian arrives tomorrow to continue his electronic guru work that he had already begun in the buggy and the chase truck. The guys have been surviving on Taco Bell, KFC, Carls Jr and a routine stop-in at the 24 hour restaurant here at the hotel where you can grab the best guacamole, chips and hot sauce for a mere $5.00.
While editing with the film crew this evening we ordered the guac and the naughtiest nachos I have ever laid my eyes on…yummy!
I hope that everyone enjoys the blogs, video blogs and get ready for some hot footage that will be shot while in Mexico…Brace yourselves to be taken for an entertaining ride with the infamous “Buggy”.


Sunday May 26th...Baja 500 getting closer!

Less than a week to go and we will be speeding off of the start line in Baja Mexico! The guys spent the day tweaking the buggy and getting very acquainted with each other. I could not have asked for more of a dedicated crew! I spent the majority of the day answering a ton of emails from this past week…I want to say thanks for all of the fan support…awesome!
Adrienne “Editor” and Catherine “camera-lady” arrive in LA tomorrow to start filming our daily video blogs and prep for the trip down south.
Make sure to stay tuned to SPEEDtv.com for the latest and the greatest going-ons with my Baja 500 2008 race!
Also, make sure to check out my first video blog that should be posted by late Wednesday!
Speedtv.com…keyword "baja"


My SPEEDtv.com page!

Be sure to check out daily blogs, photos, media interviews, video blogs and live feed of my buggy zooming down the Baja 500 course via live feed that is supplied by GPS Protected. All of this and more on my Barbara Terry page on SPEEDtv.com!


Sunday May 25th 2008

Sunday May 25th 2008

9 hours of sleep 2 nights in a row and I am beside myself! I am so excited that Dickey and DJ will be pulling up to LA this morning. I am heading out to Starbucks now to grab my daily addiction to chai then going to watch some NASCAR on the big screen in my room. This day is summing up to be a greeeaaaat one!

Afternoon; The 2 Texas road warriors have arrived and we were all able to talk BAJA strategy while the 3 of us watched Dickey gnaw down on his liver and onions meal that he surprised us by ordering. Oh wow…what a “to do list” they have come up with! We will get it knocked out by Wednesday morning then head south to Ensenada, then the real fun begins.

I thought it would be good to show off different perspectives from the cast of characters, so the following is what they ended up writing regarding the going-ons that took place today.


Baja Blog 5/25/08

It’s about midnight. That’s hour 65 with no sleep. Wait . . . I did get 3 hours last night. Oh well, I can sleep when I’m dead. Twenty seven hours were spent driving from Texas to LA, during which DJ and I road tested the GPS Protected transponder and the Lowrance GPS system . . . Cool stuff!!

I still have to finish laying out the pit sequence and driver changes, so we can get everything in place. I’ll do that tomorrow. We have some open items on the BT Racing buggy list, but we should have all that under control by Tuesday. Sleep is definitely in order, so I’m off to dream of sugar plums and Baja runs.

DJ Parrish 5/25/08
Homework Assignment #1

After a beautiful trip to Los Angeles, through the mountains of New Mexico, we’re finally here. Oh man, it’s really happening. I’M GOING TO BAJA !! The BT Racing buggy is an awesome piece of work. It looks like she’s going 100 MPH standing still. I’ve worked on a lot of race cars, and this thing is unreal. I can hardly wait till tomorrow and get her ready for 500 miles of hectic terrain. She’ll be ready to rip the desert apart.

I’m sitting in the hotel watching “Wacked Out Sports” with Dickey, and all I can think about is how this show doesn’t have anything on what I’m about to take part in. WOW . . . what better way to celebrate Memorial Day weekend than among a good group of friends and desert racing. Is anything close ?? NOPE !!


Saturday May 24th....counting down the days!

Sat. May 24, 2008

Finally for the first time in three weeks I was able to get more than four hours of sleep. I got nine and now I am ready to roar. We hit the road and pulled into L.A. a few hours ago. After grabbing some grub at one of my favorite Mexican food spots (Baja Cantina) in Marina Del Ray, I am feeling rested, fed and feisty.

I am going to hop on the treadmill and give Dickey and DJ a jingle to find out where exactly they are between Dallas and L.A. We are expecting them to pull in around mid-day tomorrow. I am posting a link to a video from my….or I guess I should say….my buggy and my appearance on KUSI in San Diego on Friday morning.

The camera man did a great job grabbing shots of the buggy and my sponsors. I am going to catch-up on more sleep tonight so I can be bright eyed and bushy tailed for several radio shows in the morning, of course talking all about BAJA and my buggy.

Friday May 23rd 2008...on the road getting ready for Baja 500

Friday May 23, 2008

After dealing with our truck that broke down between L.A. and San Diego we finally arrived in San Diego at 1 a.m. I finally got to sleep by 2 only to be awaken by the most annoying alarm clock buzz I have every heard in my life. But, happily rush to KUSI to do a morning show segment with Dave Stall to show off the buggy and talk shop. Everything seemed to be rolling along just fine until we got to the SCORE inspection station and were informed that we could not pass inspection due to a few technical misunderstandings.

Living in the Charlotte, NC area which is across the Country it can be difficult to get a clear understanding of the SCORE rulebook at times. The distance leaves me to do most of our communication and inquiries over the phone and being that this is my first time in the driver’s seat of my SCORE Lite Buggy I am fully aware that I do not know everything there is to know about the SCORE Rulebook, but would have appreciated a little more concise and open communication at the inspection station…that is all I will say about that, and no… my buggy was not built in the sixties, it was built in 1989.

So as I sat in the truck with the buggy snuggled in its trailer, my undying drive and determination kicked into full-force gear. After multiple phone calls were made to numerous people we were finally informed on what exactly needed to be modified on my pride and joy….The Buggy. Thinking we were going to be fortunate enough to get it dropped off at a shop in San Diego to do the modifications late Friday we soon would get slapped in the face by yet another problem that would push most people to the point of throwing in the towel and haulin butt home quicker than an ant would jump off of 150 degree concrete. The truck has broken down on the side of the highway again!!! #$@%&^(!!!

With traffic flying by at 90 miles per hour on one of the busiest freeways in San Diego and the rain coming down in buckets, the shoulder that we find ourselves sitting on was not even wide enough for a ten speed. Knowing that we only had five miles to go to make it to the KGTV/ABC segment, I remember that old saying “so close yet so far away” and boy did it keep haunting my mind. With 20 minutes to go we both agreed to start the truck to see if we could inch our way there. I now have a new realization of chuggin and sputterin.

Sports anchor Steve Smith was probably one of the nicest multi-tasking anchors I have ever met. I absolutely cannot wait to see the package of my buggy that he put together.

Rain soaked and frustrated we were able to inch our way to the local auto parts store. Lucky for us we were able to scan the truck for codes and found seven, all related to the throttle and accelerator pedal. The truck was now dead in the water…literally, because not only would it not start, we found ourselves in the middle of a gully washer of rain coming down.

Knowing that I had to make a million phone calls in order to locate parts at a local Chevy house in a town that I am not familiar with, return a ton of pressing phone calls and locate a cab, I not only realized that my Blackberry battery was on it’s last five seconds, but as I quickly scanned the neighborhood that we were in I realized that no matter what we needed to get out of there before dark or quickly become a statistic.

I will spare everyone the million terrible, horrible and haunting details that filled the rest of the afternoon and evening by saying that the truck and trailer ended up being towed to the hotel and being dropped half-cocked on the curb because of the shortage of parking.

I could not take anymore of this awful day so knowing that the truck and trailer was more than likely going to be towed and impounded, I went to the room and was lucky enough to catch an episode of Grey’s Anatomy where now it seems the McDreamy and Meredith are finally going to give it a run. …..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Thursday May22nd 2008

Thursday May 22nd...wow what an eventful day this has been!

We started off the day with the awesome people over at KTLA in LA for one of the most amazing segments I have ever done. I can now say that my buggy is a total superstar!
In LA this morning they had quite a bit of breaking news that dominated the morning show but the crew still made time for my buggy segment to roll LIVE.
Michaela....one of the morning news anchors came out to the parking lot where the live shot was set up and wanted to hop in the driver’s seat and take the buggy for a spin around the lot. So we started the segment and as she hopped in, put it into gear and spun out on my Goodyear Wranglers that the buggy is proud to be riding on.

We were able to play a little show and tell with the buggy as everyone either wanted to touch it, drive it or just sit back and gander in amazement.
I am posting about 20 photos from today’s segment so I hope that you enjoy. KTLA will also be posting the video on their web site, so be sure to check that out.

We are now heading south to San Diego to appear on KUSI and KGTV tomorrow morning “May 23rd” …..oops gotta pull over…sh@$%^%##, the truck just cut out….UGH!

Okay, we are back rolling. I scratched my head after being bumfuzzled about what possibly could be wrong with the truck so we gave DJ “head mechanic” in Texas a call to see if he could narrow down the problem and of course he did. Apparently Chevy has a ton of TSB’s pertaining to a ECU issue with some of their models. So after popping off the air cleaner and spraying a little carb cleaner we are back on the road.

It is now pushing midnight …AGAIN…and I am getting ready to hit the hay. I swear I will not know what to do with myself if I am ever able to make it to bed before midnight and sleep in after 8AM.

I am also proud to say that I used Tri Star suits out of Troutman NC to custom make my suit and my teams suits so if you want a suit made to your liking and done right …keep them in mind.


Baja 500 update!

As I was telling the cool dudes on ESPN radio Sunday morning...Part of my crew is heading from Charlotte NC to LA with the buggy snuggled into the trailer. He should be pulling into LA on Monday evening with my SCORE LITE class buggy . Of course none of this would be taking place without the awesome support of all of my sponsors:
NAPA Filters, Goodyear Tires, Shell, GPS Protected and Pennzoil. Unlike most of the crew I took the easier path to the Westcoast via a huge air cruising machine!
Pretty cool as the crew chief passed through Dallas yesterday he was able to stop for a couple hours as he met up with my Co-driver "Richard Dickey" and "DJ Parrish" my head mechanic in order for them to take a gander at the NAPA Filters paint scheme which wooed and wowed them!
Both of them will be headed west to meet up with us along with my electronics guru "Ian Thomson" next Tuesday the 27th. Then we will all head south to Ensenada to go take part in pre-race festivities and of course the RACE which starts the morning of May 31st!
We will also be accompanied by our camera and editing people "Catherine Harrell and Adrienne Brawley". Stay tuned!


Ramping up for the Baja 500 2008

We can not even begin to describe the excitement my team and I are feeling now that we are headed west to compete in the Baja 500 on May 31st. I will be making daily journal entries on my site and be sure to check out my page on SPEEDtv.com starting May 22nd for daily video blogs and photos of pre-race, the race and post race.
Get er done!

My chit-chat with the one and only Rob Marciano

Revving up the horsepower makes Rob’s engine tick.

How more lucky could a girl be than to spend a little time chit chatting about cars with the hottest Weatherman in the industry…Rob Marciano. I got this lucky!

Having owned a Subaru Hatchback as his first car which made his dad raise an eyebrow by bringing home something other than a domestic car Rob has owned a vast assortment of vehicles every since.
But surprisingly enough when Rob came home one day to break the news of his first car accident by rear ending someone in the family owned 1974 Impala that they all referred to as “The Tank” his dad remained completely calm.

His first scary moment behind the wheel that comes to mind was in his Subaru when he rolled upon some pesky and dangerous black ice that forced him into spinning a series of 360’s on a New Hampshire highway but he obviously made it out of that spin all intact.

Rob seems to enjoy the need for speed and was fortunate enough to take a spin in the pace car at the Daytona 500 this past spring piloted by retired NASCAR driver Brett Bodine.
Even though Brett seemed calm behind the wheel Rob felt thrilled and at the same time felt a bit nervous as they hugged the turns clocking out around 140, but without a doubt left there with NASCAR fever running through his veins. I loved his passionate explanation of going to a race in person and summing it up with the 3 S’s…
Oh how true this is.

Like the rest of us Rob likes the thrill of the raw testosterone that old NASCAR used to demonstrate back in the day when it was more of a sport than a business.
There is nothing like watching the drivers get heated at one another after the inevitable mishaps occur on the track making helmets fly, tempers roar and a good ole in your face hollering competition.

On his own he has revved up the speedometers needle to reach 120 and is a firm believer in buying a car a couple years old by letting someone else eat up the new car depreciation that is absorbed by the first owner that rolls that spankin new car right off the show room floor.

Rob thinks he is a pretty simple guy when it comes to vehicles as he currently owns and drives a Chevy Tahoe that gets him from point A to point B. He has his eye on a gun metal grey Maserati but hasn’t had that extra push yet in order to pull the trigger.

We seemed to agree on the fact that when owing a black on black vehicle you need not to spend the extra money on a seat warmer when living in the south. Black interior owners know how hot that interior can get in the summer time and the special dance your body has to perform when first sitting in the driver’s seat on a hot steamy day.

Rob has an addicting sense of humor and at the blink of an eye can break out his impersonation of a true southern twang of an accent which he seems to have mastered, all of which made me chuckle a lot more than I usually do.

My goal is to get Rob into my Baja Buggy and not only have him as my co-driver but throw him in the drivers seat-behind the wheel which I feel that he could more than handle the horsepower and probably take me for a serious ride that I would not be expecting.
This way I will get to see how good he is at driving a stick and have him demonstrate to me what Hopping and Bopping is all about!

Barbara Terry
May 12th 2008


Barbara Terry Miracle Car Care Products

I am so hyped and excited to say that after waiting a couple years to launch my own line of Car Care Products I will have my first 8 products on my web site for purchase by May 1st!

Everything from soap, wax, leather cleaner & conditioner, paint sealer, spray wax, wheel cleaner and my favorite which is my..."All Purpose Dressing". The dressing actually stays on and conditions the surface that you apply it to unlike some of the dressings on the market that evaporate and then end up on your rear quarter panels 15 minutes after you apply it.

Try them out...I promise you will find that they will not only clean your vehicle but will give it a lasting sparkle and shine!

Baja 500 getting close.

A vacation is a far, far, far away dream! No complaints though, as I am busy getting ready for my Baja 500 race that takes place on May 30th.

I will be posting a ton of new content and photos of my Baja Buggy by May 1st on my site after my Buggy gets a fresh paint job to the color scheme of NAPA Filters and plastered with the additional sponsor decals.

Then it will be time to head out to LA for media interviews a week before the race then down to Ensenada to eat some dirt! I actually hope that the buggies that are running behind mine trying to catch up to me will be the ones eating dirt!


I love to cook!

The past 2 weeks preparing for my Baja 500 I have been more than thrilled to have been offered a super- duper deal from SPEEDtv.com to have my Baja 500 featured on their web site and secondly having NAPA Filters hop on board as my Title Sponsor!
So this past weekend I had many possibilities of how to celebrate my Baja 500 coming together like it has and I chose to simply cook all day Saturday while having NASCAR on in the background!
I did however get a little carried away on a special lemon pie recipe that I make but made up for it by creating a very low fat Spinach/Bacon quiche that was about the best that quiche can get...Oh my!
This weekend's menu will consist of homemade Monterey-Jack Cheese Stuffed Chili Relleno's with Ranchero/Habanero sauce, Pecan Cheesecake Pie "from a special recipe that my mom gave to me", a little bit of Bass Fishing for total relaxation and of course hanging out with The Rocky Master!
How can you beat that?

Crew Chief of my Baja 500, May 2008

A few days ago my mom and I had lunch with the Crew Chief of my Baja 500 that falls in May 2008 and as I really tried to enjoy how delicious the meatloaf, mashed potato's and gravy were I noticed how distracted I was at my Crew Chiefs uncanny beauty. Yes, you heard me right...this man is beautiful!
I of course grew up with 6 older brothers, hung around a ton of guys growing up and have dated some very handsome men in my life but I have NEVER met a guy that has the beauty that this one does.
Even my mom commented on it and she is typically oblivious to things such as this. I mean what girl out there could compete with this guys beauty and I am sure that most girls would feel a little intimated.
I even found myself wanting to reach for my mirror out of my purse to make sure that my makeup was all in place!
Can a man be too pretty?


What are the odds?

Every week while flying to different destinations across this country I find myself engaging in interesting conversation on a plane, but never like the conversation that I was able to experience with this gentleman last week on a flight from LAX to Houston. We found ourselves chatting about Baja Racing, Mexican food and fried Catfish then quickly discovered that he used to live in my good ole hometown of Springtown Texas. What are those odds?
It was so nice to finally come across someone that actually knew what a Springtown Porcupine was!

I Love Baseball!

Ahhhh, the beginning of Baseball Spring Training Camp means only one thing...that Baseball Season is right around the corner! What can beat going to an afternoon game in the hot Texas heat while munching on a dog and drinking a cold one!

My New Web Site

I am getting very excited about the launch of my new web site that should take place no later than the 2nd week of March 08. I wanted to ramp my site up to reflect the level that my career has grown to this past year. I hope that everyone will love it as much as I know I will!


Barbara Terry talks shop with 3 Carolina Hurricane Hockey Players.

As a single warm blooded all American girl in a locker room full of Carolina Hurricane Hockey players, it must have been their level of hospitality and kindness that prevented me from blushing head to toe.

My first victim that I sat down to talk cars with was Cam Ward the teams Goaltender. He graciously felt the unnecessary need to apologize for being sweaty being as they had just entered the locker room after an hour long strenuous workout that I was lucky enough to gaze upon. I put him at ease by explaining to him that I had grown up with 6 big bothers and that I was very accustomed to sweaty men.
We started out by talking about his first vehicle which was a Sunfire GT that was a hand-me-down at the young age of 16 and then the first vehicle that he actually purchased was a Chevy S10 pick-up truck.

Cam currently owns a 2004 Bentley Continental GT which has possibly become too flashy for his daily driver needs and a 2007 Cadillac Escalade that he has chromed up with 22 inch wheels.
He must agree with most consumers regarding the Ferrari being his dream car but again possibly too flashy and way too much worry with all of the maintenance and all of that annoying gawking that comes from driving a flashy car such as the Ferrari.

I then got a kick out of his response to my question on how fast he had ever gone in a car.
Cam began to tell me of the experience of stopping by a Porsche dealership one day and the salesperson “that doubled as a speed racer” told him to sit in the passenger seat basically so that the salesperson could display his mad driving skills.
Cam wasn’t too sure on how fast the salesperson got the 911’s speed up to but definitely pushed it to the limit for about 20 minutes by ripping around corners and throwing him into the door panel. This experience seemed to leave quite the impression on him even though his intentions were to test drive the 911 himself.

Cam looks forward to the day that he can spend an afternoon at “The Richard Petty Experience” as we all do.

I then made my way to Rod Brind’Amours locker, the team captain and Center for the Hurricanes where I found him with a very serious look on his face so I intentionally tried to get a smile to break which I was successful enough to achieve!

He was kind enough to ask me to sit down at the adjacent locker then he began to explain how he is more of a simplistic guy when it comes to his rides not a flashy one. After explaining to him that most of my readers drive basic vehicles and not a Ferrari 360 as a daily driver I think I witnessed the light bulb going off in his head that convinced him that I was looking for the norm not the extreme when it comes to cars. He currently has a Honda Ridgeline that he can pull his boat with and a Suburban that he seems to have a love affair with.

Rod smiled and chuckled about his first car being a burgundy Iroc Z that he paid cash for after St. Louis signed him when he was 18 which coincided with the timing of his first driver’s license. Rod’s evolution of cars then jumped to the Cadillac Allante, a V8 Dodge Durango when he started having kids, a Mercedes CLK that generated a devious look in his eye while explaining that ride to me, an ole’ beat up Jeep that he seemed to enjoy at the lake in past years and a Harley that he just sold after owning for about 8 years.

Rod could not pin point to me how fast he had driven in a car but he did make a comment along the lines of loving speed, maybe I will get to the bottom of this question at a later time!

He mentioned a couple times about being an “old guy” but I can personally testify that I did not see anything that hinted to Mr. Brind’Amour being anything but a vibrant-energetic Athlete.

My final question to him was about his possible dream car that he does not currently own and he quickly responded to tell me that it would have to be a Jeep Wrangler with rims that he could pop the top off of and cruise around in. He also seems to take a liking to the old Corvettes, the body style prior to the Stingray. Possibly a big block 1960’s model?

My third and last chat was with Mike Commodore a Defenseman for the Hurricanes. I found myself chuckling as Mike was telling me about his first car which was a 1987 Olds Cutlass Supreme “my dream car in high school”. His dark red Cutlass that his dad had bought for him while in college had a problem with the choke which resulted into a backfiring issue.

Shortly after moving to Raleigh North Carolina, Mike was out killing some time on a weekend afternoon watching baseball and doing a little random car shopping when he quickly noticed that he was walking out of a car dealership without his GMC Yukon Denali keys and had his new 06 Chevy Corvette keys in hand!
I then asked him how fast he had driven in a car and the 06 Vette was his lead foots culprit by clocking it at 110 before slowing down after seeing a cop sitting in the median over a ridge.

He seemed very proud and excited when he mentioned the 08 Ford ¾ ton diesel that he has on order. He stated that he is a fan of American Cars and that his dream car is a step above his current Corvette being the Z06….great choice.

I did not schedule a 4th interview but possibly should have because I think it was the Hurricanes Defenseman Niclas Wallin that walked by and heckled something about his beamer that sounded very intriguing and interesting.

My personal favorite color combination in cars has always been black on black and I was pleasantly surprised and amazed to hear the same from all 3 of these awesome players.

These guys seem to have a dynamic camaraderie going on as friends and teammates and I thoroughly enjoyed my 2 short hours at their practice facility in Raleigh North Carolina. Possibly I will get invited to witness a game in person or another visit to the locker room which I will make sure to wear my prescription eyeglasses at this time!

Barbara Terry


February 10th 2008

This has been a pretty productive week. I met with Speed regarding multiple possibilities with their Network, received a new set of Goodyear/"Silent Armor" tires for my Jeep, had a blast doing a Satellite Media Tour for RainX, answered about 50 mechanical Q and A's that I love to answer via email every week and got handed down the unique nickname of Fireball...which sums me up bumper to bumper!
I am diligently working on my coffee table book featuring 40 Pro Athletes and the cars that they choose to drive and am still in need of more, in order to fill up the 40 spots.
I cannot believe that in 3 short months I will be driving in the Baja 500 in Baja Mexico again...wow, does time fly.
Most importantly I was able to spend some quality time with my beast...isn't he adorable!
Photo by: Judith Gottesman


Urban Wheel Awards: January 15th 2008 in Detroit

I had the most fun that I have had in a long while as a Presenter at the Urban Wheel Awards. Here I am standing beside the sweet Alma McMaster from Hyundai at the Meet and Greet party held at Seldom Blues the night before the Awards show in Detroit on January 14th 2008.