May 29th...Baja 500 less than 3 days away!

Wow what a crazed day this has been. I got up with the roosters and headed for my daily fix of an 8 pump iced chai at Starbucks. I then headed out on errands to gather additional parts and supplies. My first stop took me to PCI Race Radios where I met the lovely people over there while getting fitted for my new helmet. Woo hoo!
After that I made my way to McKenzie’s for a last minute stop that included a new seat belt then it was off to go grab a set of spanking brand new rims. DJ quickly mounted my Goodyear Tires onto them, then slapped them on the buggy and oh how sweet they look!
Ian pulled in today and immediately started doing what he does best… electronics!
We shot the intro bumper to all of the Baja 500 webisodes that we will be turning into SPEEDtv.com starting Friday and then shot our 2nd video blog.
Adrienne and Catherine are great to work with and it is always fun to put together a team and see the excitement that everyone gets in their eyes.
I think the guys will be pulling another all nighter working on the buggy so that we will be able to head south to Ensenada tomorrow.
Gonna go hop on the treadmill, do a little laundry and hit the hay.
I really miss my Rocky…I absolutely cannot wait to see him, rub his belly and take him for a ride in my Jeep…Woof…Smiles!