June 8th 2008...Post Baja 500 2008

What a ride the last 3 weeks has been. I do have to say I am sorta sad that the BAJA 500 2008 race is now over and behind me.
3 weeks ago I started out doing media interviews in LA and San Diego then made it down to BAJA for the race and this past week spent a lot of time with my film crew ‘Catherine Harrell and Adrienne Brawley” editing all of the awesome footage they filmed of my team and our superb NAPA Filters #1209 buggy.
I must say for about the 100th time that I have the best crew in the industry…okay, I may be a little partial but for a rookie team to get as far down the course as we did with our sorta primitive buggy machine speaks a million words on its own.
I could never say enough about my crews drive and determination, the support of my sponsors and the new found love I have with my buggy.
We have already been in discussions regarding what prep work will be necessary for us to participate and kick butt in the BAJA 1000 but I am also going to explore getting us into the Primm 300 race that falls in September.
I hope everyone has enjoyed the page on SPEEDtv.com with the written content, photos, GPS tracking and video blogs.
Speaking for my team and I… we had a blast keeping everyone up to date on our whereabouts and progress.
I want to humongously thank all of my sponsors for making Barbara Terry Racing possible. NAPA Filters, Goodyear Tires, Shell, Pennzoil and GPS Protected. I also want to say special thanks to all of the wonderful people at SPEED for all of their enthusiasm and support of Barbara Terry Racing.
Photo by Adrienne Brawley