July 7th 2008

I can say that every bit of my spare time this past month after I wrapped up with the Baja 500 2008 I have totally engulfed myself in all things to do with my future Off Road Races!
I should be finished with my Off Road Racing Sponsorship Proposal for the 2009 season by the first week of August then it will be sent out to a ton of companies in order to determine who will be on my Off Road Racing buggy and additional Race vehicles for all of the Off Road Races that I am participating in 2009.

I am also working on a TV concept that will feature all of my races in a unique Television format.
But before any of this 2009 stuff happens I am so excited to say that NAPA Filters will be all over my buggy for the Baja 1000 race this November and am currently negotiating with all of my Baja 500 Sponsors… Shell, Goodyear, Pennzoil and GPS Protected to see what part they will have in my Baja 1000 race.

After an awesome meeting with the folks over at Speed this past week I am revved-up to say that I will continue to keep my page “Barbara’s Blog” on the SPEEDtv.com site and I will also showcase all of my Off Road Races on the page via video blogs, tracking of my buggy while it rolls down the race course and exciting Barbara Terry Racing content. I will also bring you special interviews of my chit-chatting with celebs that I have hand picked to basically talks cars bumper to bumper about twice a month.

On a personal note: It was nice this past July 4th weekend to have mom over for dinner, cheer on my favorite NASCAR drivers as they tackled at Daytona and watch the fireworks explode over Lake Wylie which has an indescribable ambiance about it.
Rocky however just could not woof-down his steak fast enough then had to give me the booboo eyes until he of course got his belly rubbed…oh to be Rocky Terry…what a life!

Stay tuned!