Barbara Terry Miracle Car Care Products

I am so hyped and excited to say that after waiting a couple years to launch my own line of Car Care Products I will have my first 8 products on my web site for purchase by May 1st!

Everything from soap, wax, leather cleaner & conditioner, paint sealer, spray wax, wheel cleaner and my favorite which is my..."All Purpose Dressing". The dressing actually stays on and conditions the surface that you apply it to unlike some of the dressings on the market that evaporate and then end up on your rear quarter panels 15 minutes after you apply it.

Try them out...I promise you will find that they will not only clean your vehicle but will give it a lasting sparkle and shine!

Baja 500 getting close.

A vacation is a far, far, far away dream! No complaints though, as I am busy getting ready for my Baja 500 race that takes place on May 30th.

I will be posting a ton of new content and photos of my Baja Buggy by May 1st on my site after my Buggy gets a fresh paint job to the color scheme of NAPA Filters and plastered with the additional sponsor decals.

Then it will be time to head out to LA for media interviews a week before the race then down to Ensenada to eat some dirt! I actually hope that the buggies that are running behind mine trying to catch up to me will be the ones eating dirt!