New Chevrolet Camaro

As I spent some time this past weekend at the Houston Auto Show my eyes kept gearing towards the direction of the new Chevrolet Camaro.

I want to know your thoughts on the new Camaro,

email me: barbara@barbaraterry.com.



Barbara  Terry is a female car expert. Barbara Terry This past week Rocky "my yellow Labrador retriever" had to have a mast-cell tumor removed from his chest. The tumor was embedded in his chest muscle so part of that had to be cut out also. The incision is about 8 inches long and stapled together with 21 staples. His surgery was extremely risky being as he also has dilated cardiomyopathy a heart condition also found in humans. Rocky seems to be healing fine what a trooper he is. The biopsy on the tumor comes in this week so your thoughts and prayers are appreciated!

Houston Auto Show

Barbara  Terry is a female car expert. Barbara Terry
I want to invite everyone to come visit me at the Houston Auto Show. I will be at the Houston Chronicle booth on Saturday January 27th. See ya there.

Someone asked me this weekend what my favorite color is...

I have always liked black for my vehicles, navy blue for my all around favorite, pink, grey and white for t-shirts and of course yellow for my yellow Labrador Retriever Rocky!

Welcome to My Journal!

It was nice to have a few days off to do a little fishing, but unfortunately I do not have any stories of the “big one that got away”. Maybe I wasn’t using the correct stink bait! Anyway…I am really looking forward to my January 2007 which is ramping up speed as we speak. I am excited to say that Turtle Wax has re-signed me to do a second series of Television Commercials for them as their spokesperson for the revolutionary product “Ice” which I am thrilled to do, the exact timing of BTG (Barbara Terry Garage) will be determined in January and I am working diligently on my first book deal! Drive safe and stay tuned-in Barbara  Terry is a female car expert. Barbara Terry