The Mighty Rocky!

Every time I turn around and everywhere I go everyone kindly asks about how "The Mighty Rocky" is doing. He is more than a medical miracle and has all of his specialists amazed and speechless. He still continues to live with Dilated Cardiomyopothy "DCM" but seems to have totally gotten past his bout with Bacterial Spinal Meningitis. He is actually back to eating doggie food and no longer requires that I make him scrambled eggs in the morning and T-bone steaks in the evening...oh my! Thanks for all of the prayers that have been said in his name.


How about them Cowboys!

I do have to say that this past Monday nights Boys game at Bills has to be one of the most exciting "sitting on the side of my couch...well actually standing in angst glued to the TV screen" Boys games I have ever seen in my entire life that had a positive outcome to it.
I have definitely been a Boys fan and sat staring at my TV in the past watching them make mistake after mistake and then been depressed the whole following week after watching them lose. I know we have a challenge this coming up Sunday when we take on the Pats and I hope it isn't as bad of a outcome then it possibly may be. Do not get me wrong I am without a doubt one of the biggest-devout-dedicated Cowboy fans in existence but...the Pats have a unstoppable team this year.