GM Style Dubai Event November 11th 2007 Dubai UAE

GM Style Dubai Event November 11th 2007 Dubai UAE

I just had the pleasure of being the Master Of Ceremonies for the most amazing event in Dubai UAE. The GM Style Event put on by General Motors and Vivacious was one of the most awesome experiences in my life. They truly know how to take care of the talent that they bring on for their projects.
Flying over to Dubai and back on Emirates Airlines in their first class service made some of the other airlines first class service look slightly pathetic.
The moment I stepped off the plane in Dubai I had a team of people assisting me through customs and anything else my little heart desired.
My driver that took me to my hotel even gave me a beginner’s crash course on the language used in Dubai, and I actually remember some of it!
My Middle Eastern themed hotel room was located on the VIP floor and the staff were at my beck and call 24-7 with prompt and courteous service, and what a gorgeous hotel it was.
My first afternoon there was spent rehearsing for the big event taking place the next day then I was fortunate enough to have a couple hours to walk around the local market full of goodies and Dubai souvenirs. After traveling to other parts of the world I must say that the people in Dubai are some of the most gracious and kind people in existence. That evening I also got to enjoy dinner with a fellow American “Jody Devere” from the Ask Patty Web Site and participated in a little girl talk.
The morning of the big event I continued to enjoy by having a tantalizing breakfast of local food and actually got to put in 3 miles of running.
After our afternoon final rehearsal it was then time for hair and makeup which was provided by L’Oreal and Mac and they did such an unbelievable job!

Being the Master Of Ceremonies of such a glamorous event was a pleasure and one of the most invigorating experiences of my life to say the least and I hope I get invited back….wow, could I be so lucky?

After the event I was so honored to be invited to sit down with a table full of mysterious men, calling table number 10!

Meeting all of the wonderful people from General Motors Dubai, Vivacious “their creative company” and everyone else assisting on the project were some of the nicest people I have ever met in my life.


The Mighty Rocky!

Every time I turn around and everywhere I go everyone kindly asks about how "The Mighty Rocky" is doing. He is more than a medical miracle and has all of his specialists amazed and speechless. He still continues to live with Dilated Cardiomyopothy "DCM" but seems to have totally gotten past his bout with Bacterial Spinal Meningitis. He is actually back to eating doggie food and no longer requires that I make him scrambled eggs in the morning and T-bone steaks in the evening...oh my! Thanks for all of the prayers that have been said in his name.


How about them Cowboys!

I do have to say that this past Monday nights Boys game at Bills has to be one of the most exciting "sitting on the side of my couch...well actually standing in angst glued to the TV screen" Boys games I have ever seen in my entire life that had a positive outcome to it.
I have definitely been a Boys fan and sat staring at my TV in the past watching them make mistake after mistake and then been depressed the whole following week after watching them lose. I know we have a challenge this coming up Sunday when we take on the Pats and I hope it isn't as bad of a outcome then it possibly may be. Do not get me wrong I am without a doubt one of the biggest-devout-dedicated Cowboy fans in existence but...the Pats have a unstoppable team this year.


Goodyear Just For Women Car Care Clinic

I just wanted to thank all of the wonderful people from Goodyear, their marketing company and of course the awesome guys at the Goodyear location in Phoenix Arizona on August 21st 2007 for making the first Goodyear Just For Women Car Care Clinic a complete success and thanks for bringing me on to host it...I had a blast!



I have been wearing Carhartt jackets since high school and now am proud to say that Carhartt thinks BT and Carhartt are a "Perfect Fit".

BT Favorites

I keep getting asked latley what my favorites are so I am going to list a few...
Song: June 2007, Makes Me Wonder by Maroon 5.
Steak: Cajun Rib eye.
Chilled drink: Starbucks, Iced Grande 8 pump Chai, non-fat milk with one squirt of whip cream.
Downtime: Hanging out with Rocky, my Yellow Labrador.
Sports: Anything Extreme.
Sweet: Anything with Dark Chocolate in it.
Car: See my top ten at http://barbaraterry.com/Car%20Articles.html#sexappeal
Motorcycles: Ducati and Triumph.
Cities: San Fran area, Charlotte, Dallas, NYC, Chicago.
NFL Team: My hometown Dallas Cowboys.
Peace of mind: Living on the lake working on my jet ski then speeding it around.
Memory of Childhood: I have to say that one of my favorite childhood memories is playing bass and singing in my brothers and my County Gospel band as we traveled and played in Canada and the Northwest part of the Untied States when we were all teenagers.



As of May 21st www.pitcrewclassic.com “The Online Campaign” is now live so check it out for your chance to win dinner with Kasey Kahne. I also wanted to say while filming the Television part of the campaign in Chicago I had a blast working with everyone from the creative crew and of course all of the contestants. Remember to check out the Television Campaign that starts airing on Saturday June 9th and runs through Saturday July 7th on ESPN2 and TNT.

Inside Edition

I just wanted to say thanks to Nicole and her crew from Inside Edition I really enjoyed meeting you’ all. I had a super time filming the segment on tire pressure safety do’s and don’ts!



I am so excited to say that I just signed with Gillette today. I will be hosting the Gillette "Triple Protection" Deodorant Pit Crew Classic Campaign that will run on air during NASCAR programming on Saturday and Sunday afternoons on ESPN and TNT from June 9, 2007 thru July 7, 2007.
Stay tuned!


Rocky's Relapse

Well, 3 weeks after I brought Rocky home from being treated with having Bacterial Spinal Meningitis Rock had a relapse. So for the last couple of weeks he has been taking about 15 pills the size of horse pills a day to treat his relapse. He still is not feeling 100%, so more tests will be done this next week...His Neurologist has basically given him a clean bill of health so possibly his Cardiologist may be able to get to the bottom of the problem this next week...I just want my happy Rocky back to feeling like his old spunky self!



I recently lost a business card in an establishment in the Charlotte NC area. You never know who will find these cards as they are lost or misplaced and sometimes you are pleasantly surprised by the road that you will have presented to you.
Hummm, do I take a left turn or a right turn? Do you ever stop and realize how few people that we come across in life that we really click with on all levels.
Yeah, we meet all sorts of people from all walks of life but how many “soul mates” do we really have out there?
This past December I found a needle in the haystack by meeting Colleen H. She is definitely the coolest and most understanding person that anyone could ever want in a best friend!

My favorite Nickname

Everyone seems to be asking me lately what my favorite nickname has been throughout my life. My mom gave me the nickname "monkey" when I about 2 years old, because I learned how to jump on and off furniture before I learned how to walk.
As I got older everyone started calling me "BT" which stuck very well and seems to be everyone’s favorite. Then about 4 years ago a very dear friend of mine gave me the nickname of "cheeks" which I really loved at the time and seemed to suit me to a T.
Just recently a hard-critic of mine handed me the nickname of "Turbo" and I have to say it really sums up my personality of going full speed ahead as fast as I can and of course obviously relates to my career in cars.


Rocky update

The first week of February I got informed by Rocky’s surgeon that his Mast Cell Tumor was a low grade level 2. This means that no Radiation or Chemotherapy will be required. A week after this good news Rocky started acting weak and lifeless. I took him into the Neurologist and they diagnosed him with Bacterial Spinal Meningitis. What! Anyway, he has spent time in their ICU ward and has been slowly recovering. This is a miracle and he is such a miracle doggie, because from what I
understand this form of Meningitis has about a 90% fatality rate. His Neurologist has determined that Rocky at some point in his life must have picked up the Meningitis germ and more than likely the anesthesia they used when they cut the Mast Cell Tumor out of his chest muscle in February triggered the Meningitis germ that had been lying dormant in his body. Rocky purely is a miracle, he has been going though all of this and dealing with his heart condition of Dilated Cardiomyopathy
that he has been living with most of his life. I am a true believer in
the power of LOVE!


New Chevrolet Camaro

As I spent some time this past weekend at the Houston Auto Show my eyes kept gearing towards the direction of the new Chevrolet Camaro.

I want to know your thoughts on the new Camaro,

email me: barbara@barbaraterry.com.



Barbara  Terry is a female car expert. Barbara Terry This past week Rocky "my yellow Labrador retriever" had to have a mast-cell tumor removed from his chest. The tumor was embedded in his chest muscle so part of that had to be cut out also. The incision is about 8 inches long and stapled together with 21 staples. His surgery was extremely risky being as he also has dilated cardiomyopathy a heart condition also found in humans. Rocky seems to be healing fine what a trooper he is. The biopsy on the tumor comes in this week so your thoughts and prayers are appreciated!

Houston Auto Show

Barbara  Terry is a female car expert. Barbara Terry
I want to invite everyone to come visit me at the Houston Auto Show. I will be at the Houston Chronicle booth on Saturday January 27th. See ya there.

Someone asked me this weekend what my favorite color is...

I have always liked black for my vehicles, navy blue for my all around favorite, pink, grey and white for t-shirts and of course yellow for my yellow Labrador Retriever Rocky!

Welcome to My Journal!

It was nice to have a few days off to do a little fishing, but unfortunately I do not have any stories of the “big one that got away”. Maybe I wasn’t using the correct stink bait! Anyway…I am really looking forward to my January 2007 which is ramping up speed as we speak. I am excited to say that Turtle Wax has re-signed me to do a second series of Television Commercials for them as their spokesperson for the revolutionary product “Ice” which I am thrilled to do, the exact timing of BTG (Barbara Terry Garage) will be determined in January and I am working diligently on my first book deal! Drive safe and stay tuned-in Barbara  Terry is a female car expert. Barbara Terry