Rocky's Relapse

Well, 3 weeks after I brought Rocky home from being treated with having Bacterial Spinal Meningitis Rock had a relapse. So for the last couple of weeks he has been taking about 15 pills the size of horse pills a day to treat his relapse. He still is not feeling 100%, so more tests will be done this next week...His Neurologist has basically given him a clean bill of health so possibly his Cardiologist may be able to get to the bottom of the problem this next week...I just want my happy Rocky back to feeling like his old spunky self!



I recently lost a business card in an establishment in the Charlotte NC area. You never know who will find these cards as they are lost or misplaced and sometimes you are pleasantly surprised by the road that you will have presented to you.
Hummm, do I take a left turn or a right turn? Do you ever stop and realize how few people that we come across in life that we really click with on all levels.
Yeah, we meet all sorts of people from all walks of life but how many “soul mates” do we really have out there?
This past December I found a needle in the haystack by meeting Colleen H. She is definitely the coolest and most understanding person that anyone could ever want in a best friend!

My favorite Nickname

Everyone seems to be asking me lately what my favorite nickname has been throughout my life. My mom gave me the nickname "monkey" when I about 2 years old, because I learned how to jump on and off furniture before I learned how to walk.
As I got older everyone started calling me "BT" which stuck very well and seems to be everyone’s favorite. Then about 4 years ago a very dear friend of mine gave me the nickname of "cheeks" which I really loved at the time and seemed to suit me to a T.
Just recently a hard-critic of mine handed me the nickname of "Turbo" and I have to say it really sums up my personality of going full speed ahead as fast as I can and of course obviously relates to my career in cars.


Rocky update

The first week of February I got informed by Rocky’s surgeon that his Mast Cell Tumor was a low grade level 2. This means that no Radiation or Chemotherapy will be required. A week after this good news Rocky started acting weak and lifeless. I took him into the Neurologist and they diagnosed him with Bacterial Spinal Meningitis. What! Anyway, he has spent time in their ICU ward and has been slowly recovering. This is a miracle and he is such a miracle doggie, because from what I
understand this form of Meningitis has about a 90% fatality rate. His Neurologist has determined that Rocky at some point in his life must have picked up the Meningitis germ and more than likely the anesthesia they used when they cut the Mast Cell Tumor out of his chest muscle in February triggered the Meningitis germ that had been lying dormant in his body. Rocky purely is a miracle, he has been going though all of this and dealing with his heart condition of Dilated Cardiomyopathy
that he has been living with most of his life. I am a true believer in
the power of LOVE!