I have been wearing Carhartt jackets since high school and now am proud to say that Carhartt thinks BT and Carhartt are a "Perfect Fit".

BT Favorites

I keep getting asked latley what my favorites are so I am going to list a few...
Song: June 2007, Makes Me Wonder by Maroon 5.
Steak: Cajun Rib eye.
Chilled drink: Starbucks, Iced Grande 8 pump Chai, non-fat milk with one squirt of whip cream.
Downtime: Hanging out with Rocky, my Yellow Labrador.
Sports: Anything Extreme.
Sweet: Anything with Dark Chocolate in it.
Car: See my top ten at http://barbaraterry.com/Car%20Articles.html#sexappeal
Motorcycles: Ducati and Triumph.
Cities: San Fran area, Charlotte, Dallas, NYC, Chicago.
NFL Team: My hometown Dallas Cowboys.
Peace of mind: Living on the lake working on my jet ski then speeding it around.
Memory of Childhood: I have to say that one of my favorite childhood memories is playing bass and singing in my brothers and my County Gospel band as we traveled and played in Canada and the Northwest part of the Untied States when we were all teenagers.