Sunday May 25th 2008

Sunday May 25th 2008

9 hours of sleep 2 nights in a row and I am beside myself! I am so excited that Dickey and DJ will be pulling up to LA this morning. I am heading out to Starbucks now to grab my daily addiction to chai then going to watch some NASCAR on the big screen in my room. This day is summing up to be a greeeaaaat one!

Afternoon; The 2 Texas road warriors have arrived and we were all able to talk BAJA strategy while the 3 of us watched Dickey gnaw down on his liver and onions meal that he surprised us by ordering. Oh wow…what a “to do list” they have come up with! We will get it knocked out by Wednesday morning then head south to Ensenada, then the real fun begins.

I thought it would be good to show off different perspectives from the cast of characters, so the following is what they ended up writing regarding the going-ons that took place today.


Baja Blog 5/25/08

It’s about midnight. That’s hour 65 with no sleep. Wait . . . I did get 3 hours last night. Oh well, I can sleep when I’m dead. Twenty seven hours were spent driving from Texas to LA, during which DJ and I road tested the GPS Protected transponder and the Lowrance GPS system . . . Cool stuff!!

I still have to finish laying out the pit sequence and driver changes, so we can get everything in place. I’ll do that tomorrow. We have some open items on the BT Racing buggy list, but we should have all that under control by Tuesday. Sleep is definitely in order, so I’m off to dream of sugar plums and Baja runs.

DJ Parrish 5/25/08
Homework Assignment #1

After a beautiful trip to Los Angeles, through the mountains of New Mexico, we’re finally here. Oh man, it’s really happening. I’M GOING TO BAJA !! The BT Racing buggy is an awesome piece of work. It looks like she’s going 100 MPH standing still. I’ve worked on a lot of race cars, and this thing is unreal. I can hardly wait till tomorrow and get her ready for 500 miles of hectic terrain. She’ll be ready to rip the desert apart.

I’m sitting in the hotel watching “Wacked Out Sports” with Dickey, and all I can think about is how this show doesn’t have anything on what I’m about to take part in. WOW . . . what better way to celebrate Memorial Day weekend than among a good group of friends and desert racing. Is anything close ?? NOPE !!