Thursday May22nd 2008

Thursday May 22nd...wow what an eventful day this has been!

We started off the day with the awesome people over at KTLA in LA for one of the most amazing segments I have ever done. I can now say that my buggy is a total superstar!
In LA this morning they had quite a bit of breaking news that dominated the morning show but the crew still made time for my buggy segment to roll LIVE.
Michaela....one of the morning news anchors came out to the parking lot where the live shot was set up and wanted to hop in the driver’s seat and take the buggy for a spin around the lot. So we started the segment and as she hopped in, put it into gear and spun out on my Goodyear Wranglers that the buggy is proud to be riding on.

We were able to play a little show and tell with the buggy as everyone either wanted to touch it, drive it or just sit back and gander in amazement.
I am posting about 20 photos from today’s segment so I hope that you enjoy. KTLA will also be posting the video on their web site, so be sure to check that out.

We are now heading south to San Diego to appear on KUSI and KGTV tomorrow morning “May 23rd” …..oops gotta pull over…sh@$%^%##, the truck just cut out….UGH!

Okay, we are back rolling. I scratched my head after being bumfuzzled about what possibly could be wrong with the truck so we gave DJ “head mechanic” in Texas a call to see if he could narrow down the problem and of course he did. Apparently Chevy has a ton of TSB’s pertaining to a ECU issue with some of their models. So after popping off the air cleaner and spraying a little carb cleaner we are back on the road.

It is now pushing midnight …AGAIN…and I am getting ready to hit the hay. I swear I will not know what to do with myself if I am ever able to make it to bed before midnight and sleep in after 8AM.

I am also proud to say that I used Tri Star suits out of Troutman NC to custom make my suit and my teams suits so if you want a suit made to your liking and done right …keep them in mind.