Baja Buggy update.

Blog…May 28th!
We shot and edited our first of many daily video blogs and got it over to speedtv.com for them to post on their site and they did! I had an idea of how I wanted all of this to come together just about 2 months ago and it is sweet to see things fall into place and make a statement!
The buggy however has kicked my crews butt to a certain extent. I feel so bad that the guys have labored so hard on the buggy in order to get her up to SCORE
Inspection rules and requirements. I do hope that they finish soon not only so we can head south by Thursday but that they can start to enjoy some of this mad process.
Ian arrives tomorrow to continue his electronic guru work that he had already begun in the buggy and the chase truck. The guys have been surviving on Taco Bell, KFC, Carls Jr and a routine stop-in at the 24 hour restaurant here at the hotel where you can grab the best guacamole, chips and hot sauce for a mere $5.00.
While editing with the film crew this evening we ordered the guac and the naughtiest nachos I have ever laid my eyes on…yummy!
I hope that everyone enjoys the blogs, video blogs and get ready for some hot footage that will be shot while in Mexico…Brace yourselves to be taken for an entertaining ride with the infamous “Buggy”.