Baja 500 update!

As I was telling the cool dudes on ESPN radio Sunday morning...Part of my crew is heading from Charlotte NC to LA with the buggy snuggled into the trailer. He should be pulling into LA on Monday evening with my SCORE LITE class buggy . Of course none of this would be taking place without the awesome support of all of my sponsors:
NAPA Filters, Goodyear Tires, Shell, GPS Protected and Pennzoil. Unlike most of the crew I took the easier path to the Westcoast via a huge air cruising machine!
Pretty cool as the crew chief passed through Dallas yesterday he was able to stop for a couple hours as he met up with my Co-driver "Richard Dickey" and "DJ Parrish" my head mechanic in order for them to take a gander at the NAPA Filters paint scheme which wooed and wowed them!
Both of them will be headed west to meet up with us along with my electronics guru "Ian Thomson" next Tuesday the 27th. Then we will all head south to Ensenada to go take part in pre-race festivities and of course the RACE which starts the morning of May 31st!
We will also be accompanied by our camera and editing people "Catherine Harrell and Adrienne Brawley". Stay tuned!