2009 GM Hummer H3

2009 GM Hummer H3

I am constantly being asked why I do not have a boyfriend. This is and has always been a very simple answer of not finding the right fit as of yet…until now. I have to say that I have just been personally introduced to Mr. Hummer H3, yes, you heard it right.
I have always been extremely honest of the love that I have for my Jeeps but I am sorta speechless that another man has more than captured my attention. I just hope that my Jeeps do not find out that my heart has shifted in a Hummer direction!

As I write car reviews I typically talk about the features, options and how well a certain car will serve a particular individual but not this time, I am in the process of trying to find money in my bank account and space in my garage for my new love.

The multiple award winner turns on a dime which took me by surprise, impressive gas mileage for the amount of horsepower, loaded with more features than one could wish for including Bluetooth, XM Satellite Radio, OnStar, tire sensors, rear vision camera system, no talking back, smiles at you when you are approaching its shiny exterior, makes a unique fashion statement, you can dress him up or down, a blast to drive, equipped with the unbelievable 5 year/100,000 mile General Motors factory warranty, has a cushiony ride as sweet as a luxury car.

My yellow Labrador Retriever “Rocky” has even given Mr. Hummer H3 2 paws up as he seems to have also found a new love. Rocky tends to be a “hard to please” kinda guy, but he loves all that the Hummer has to offer especially the fact that it has plenty of head room!
My mom even took Mr. Hummer H3 for a spin around town today and now unfortunately for me I will not have a moment of peace until I purchase one for her.

Ladies and gentlemen if you want to end your search for the ultimate ride I would highly suggest you seek out your local General Motors/Hummer dealer and take one of these models for a drive around the block or straight into your garage and life!

Mr. Hummer H3 with multiple 5 star safety ratings was not at all what I was expecting as I absolutely love to be pleasantly surprised!
I must however face reality that General Motors will be picking up their Mr. Hummer H3 this next week…oh what a sad day that will be for me.

Barbara Terry
November 14th 2008