Crew Chief of my Baja 500, May 2008

A few days ago my mom and I had lunch with the Crew Chief of my Baja 500 that falls in May 2008 and as I really tried to enjoy how delicious the meatloaf, mashed potato's and gravy were I noticed how distracted I was at my Crew Chiefs uncanny beauty. Yes, you heard me right...this man is beautiful!
I of course grew up with 6 older brothers, hung around a ton of guys growing up and have dated some very handsome men in my life but I have NEVER met a guy that has the beauty that this one does.
Even my mom commented on it and she is typically oblivious to things such as this. I mean what girl out there could compete with this guys beauty and I am sure that most girls would feel a little intimated.
I even found myself wanting to reach for my mirror out of my purse to make sure that my makeup was all in place!
Can a man be too pretty?