Goodyear Blimp Ride.

I can say that there are not a lot of things in life that totally excite me but after going sky high in the Goodyear blimp I now have a new fascination.
I was in LA this past week on a Goodyear appearance and was pleasantly surprised by one of the awesome Goodyear folks "Chet Warwick" with a Blimp ride. However...the story does not end here.
After being sky high for about 10 minutes the Goodyear Blimp Pilot "Jon Conrad" looked at me as I sat in the copilot seat and told me to switch seats with him.
He then began Blimp flight instruction school and as I took the drivers seat it did not surprise me that I had all of my passengers biting their nails!
I now know without any doubt that I am more talented flying through the desert in my high-speed Off Road Racing buggy then I do at the "wheel" of a blimp.
We did make it back to civilization safely and what a life experience that was!
Thanks to all of the awesome Goodyear folks that made this happen!