February 10th 2008

This has been a pretty productive week. I met with Speed regarding multiple possibilities with their Network, received a new set of Goodyear/"Silent Armor" tires for my Jeep, had a blast doing a Satellite Media Tour for RainX, answered about 50 mechanical Q and A's that I love to answer via email every week and got handed down the unique nickname of Fireball...which sums me up bumper to bumper!
I am diligently working on my coffee table book featuring 40 Pro Athletes and the cars that they choose to drive and am still in need of more, in order to fill up the 40 spots.
I cannot believe that in 3 short months I will be driving in the Baja 500 in Baja Mexico again...wow, does time fly.
Most importantly I was able to spend some quality time with my beast...isn't he adorable!
Photo by: Judith Gottesman